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Complementary and essential steps to get results

Auto-evaluation Inform Practice Communicate

Wellness Barometer


Hygiene and well-being autoevaluation tests


Be watt®'s shape index test


 Scientific experts and athletes conferences


Sports & health flyers and advice sheets

Video advice by champions

Practical workshop (nutrition, sports, coaching, yoga...)

Physical activity (alone/in group)

Charity challenges



Event operations


Digital and print communication tools

Promotional items for sports & health activities' practice

Actions to maintain motivation


Why choose Be wizz ?

Our team

«We believe in sports & health as motivation
factors in companies» 


Be wizz's founders   Be wizz's godmother
Benoit EYCKEN   Sébastien FOUCRAS   Marie-José PEREC


The Experts' commitee

Makis Chamalidis
Stress and team cohesion specialist


François Carré
General health specialist


Bruno Debien
General health specialist


Eve Tiollier
Nutrition specialist

    François Duforez
Sleep specialist
  Guy Ontanon
Physical activity specialist

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